For whom

It was a long process for me to learn that incessant pondering and enormous efforts are not the right path to lightness, ease of mind and health. About a 100 books, numerous courses in self-discovery and other attempts of self-optimization later, it became clear to me, that the answer had always been within me. I realized, that I only needed to link my chanting to my work with systemic (family) constellation to help myself and other people. If you feel like taking a new path to meet your deeper self and if you want to give your mind a break, then Soul Chanting might just be the right thing for you. I love to make myself available as a channel for all kinds of topics. I receive sounds, frequencies, words and visuals, that can help to heal and clarify matters on a conscious or subconscious level.  

Sounds for transformation


As a channel I receive supporting information for you in the form of sound and word. These sounds can positively change your system. Shamanic melodies or sounds or familiar but mostly forgotten languages are bringing peace and love to you. If any shadows should come up, these will be positively integrated at the end by transformational and enlightening sounds. You don`t need to be afraid at any time. 

       Mind and frequencies

Our mind frequently tries to find solutions to our problems in the brain only. The mind loves to stay in its well-conditioned comfort zone and makes us want to believe that we are in a safe spot in all that we do. These inflexible thought- and believe patterns keep us in a non-supportive frequency, because all in live is vibration. The good news is: Soul chanting can help your body and your whole system in an etheric state by means of these frequencies that are heard and felt and thus cause positive changes in you. 

                 Body perception

Your body is in a receiving state. Your mind stays awake and can observe what is happening. You are not going to be put in a state of trance. This is helpful for the reflection afterwards, because you can clearly allocate what you have experienced and use it for continued benefit in your life.

The procedure

Following a conversation about your questions, you will receive your chants in a relaxed position! Everything takes place individually matched with your needs. I invite you to fully look forward to your personal chant-journey to your soul questions! Needless to say, you will receive a recording of your session to have it available at any time as a support. 


„If something at the end is not in live, it´s not the end.“

My offers

Individual session  live or online

Are you looking for more clarity and peace in your life?
Are you ready to take the next step to more inner freedom?
Do you want to come home to your inner self and better understand yourself?

If yes, then as your channel I am happy to receive your personal sounds and frequencies, which might help you on your way and give you some answers.
It is up to you if you want to book the session live, per zoom call or as a file recording. In any case you will receive a recording at the end of the session, that can support you at home from then on.
It´s important, that when listening to the recording, you are not being disturbed and please use earphones to deepen the effect of your experience. 

Cost: 80,- Euro/60 Min, per 30Min more/30,- Euro


Do you want to make better use of the power of your inner and outer voice?
Do you want to experience a deeper encounter with you and your soul? Do you feel alone and detached from this world? 

Let us find your inner space and touch it to open up the dialog with your soul through your voice. We will free your inner and outer voice, your sounds, your breathing and your being, so you can go through life connected with yourself. Sink into all your being!   

Cost: 80,- Euro/60 Min, per 30Min more/30,- Euro

Soul sounds  A journey to more clarity

Half-year group for women 

Are you looking for fellow sisters who accompany you along your way, see you, 

celebrate and embrace you with all your issues? 

Do you want to live with your life topics more joyfully? 

Do you feel like getting help and clarification? 

If so, our half-year group is just the right class for you. We meet once per month looking at the central issues in your life, we do systemic constellations, meditate, sing, dance, feel and bring clarity and power into your life. 

Regardless of the topic you need help with, we are lovingly devoted to everything that will, might and could come up. Everything you encounter in relationships or training classes or in your private or professional environment is part of life and may be transformed into your very own power. Because…everything serves. 

I would be pleased to support you over a 6 month time period with my wonderful tools – soul chanting, systemic (family) constellation and meditation. 

Costs: 240,- Euro / 6 Month

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Your soul-song   

  „Every human comes with his
   own sousing to this world.“

Do you want a gentle reminder of the place you come from?
Do you long for the sounds in which your soul resounds from the beginning?
Would you like to listen to your soul song and experience your peace in your connection and origin?

The history of the Himba Indians says that every child comes to earth with a soul song. When a woman is ready to conceive a child, she leaves the village to sit under a tree and listen to the song of the child who wants to come to her. She then teaches her husband so that they can sing the song together when they reunite. During pregnancy she teaches the midwives and elderly women of the tribe so that the child can be lovingly received by all when it is born.

As the child grows up, all of the villagers learn his song to sing for the child on all appropriate occasions. No matter what support this person needs during his life, he is supported by others and himself through his song, strengthened and reminded of his origin again and again.

Click here for more information and the full story of the soul song.

Costs: 120,- Euro

Here is an audio sample of a soul song, courtesy of Nicole R. Thank you!

Soul song   for funeral service / funeral

Love lies embedded in our grief. What connects us in our farewell.


Soul singing can enable a wonderful final encounter with the soul of the deceased. When a person crosses the threshold to the realm of the soul, we can listen with our hearts to understand this new language. We experience comfort and security through new, unknown sounds, tones and vibrations. A blessed music that brings us closer to God's, often unfathomable, wondrous ways.

Costs: 250,- Euro

Seelenklang ist eine Reise zu Deiner Klarheit


I am what I am    Live your greatness

A female journey

Are you looking for the right place in your life?
Do you want to expand?
Do you want to live in abundance?
Are you being called by your greatness and power? 

If so, you can look forward to joint inspirational moments with Kerstin and Ursa. Humor, depth, joy and love lead us to solutions by means of systemic constellations, exercise, singing and meditation. We relax in the forest and the sauna and thereby experience and celebrate our common being!
Be part of this WONDERFUL female energy! 

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In harmony with yourself

Feel the resonance of your body and mind

What is your very own sound?
Can you hear it? Feel it?
Maybe even see it? 

If you wish to get to know your body, mind and soul in harmony, we are heartily inviting you to our “Klang-Raum (acoustic space)”. We will see you through to experiencing your own sound and vibration with singing bowls, gongs, mantras and soul chanting to be tuned in for more harmony in your life. 

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Finally free     Heal your relationship with you

mother / father / ex-partner with soul chanting, mantras and exercises

Do you want to be free of old feelings of guilt? 

Do you want to make your own decisions freely and joyously?
Do you want to lead a different life than your mother without a bad conscience? 

Do you want to make peace and come to love your mother for who she is? 

If so, I invite you to heal, get clarity and insight by means of sounds. 

Soul chanting opens up a door to inner wisdom, self-healing power, more strength and all-embracing love by means of its language and vibration. 

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More Offers 

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I am…     and my name is Kerstin  Moa

                                Through the stage, family constellations and self-awareness in courses, retreats, therapies, literature and in many groups, I recognized the elementary connecting piece: the SOUL SINGING

It connects my heart issues:

sound - is the world
breath - is receiving and giving
channel - is connection 

little me - is observing, recognizing, unmasking
forgiveness - is freedom  
love - is all

If you have any questions about my offers, feel free to get in touch
and let's see together  what is best for you and your concerns.  
Here you will find participant
feedback that can help you  get an impression of my work. My work
serves to activate self-healing  powers and does not replace medical
and / or psychotherapeutic  treatment by a doctor or alternative practitioner.

Kerstin Moa Brix ist Sängerin, Seelensängerin, Aufstellerin und Dialogprozessbegleiterin


Kerstin Moa Brix

Soulsinger, Process facilitator

 0177 - 20 47 663





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